We are the only agency in London working solidly with various Chinese Sitting-month service providers.


Sitting-month nanny are also called Chinese maternity nanny/ confinement lady/ Chinese Yuesao / Chinese traditional postnatal maternal carers. We can introduce you to different Yuesao and organize details for you. We work with more than 10 professional and experienced Yuesao.

The Sitting-month (Yuezi) service we provide is not restricted to Yuezi meals making. Our Yuesaos understand postnatal care and new born baby care. The service usually includes: (duties depend upon actual requirements)

-Newborn baby care:  feeding, bathing, oral hygiene, infant massage, umbilical cord care, baby’s laundry cleaning

-Maternal Care: to assist in breastfeeding, breast care, womb massage, postnatal pain relief.

-Sitting month meal making: tailored sitting month meal menus according to your natural physique and postnatal condition, usually 4-6 meals a day (Breakfast – lunch – afternoon refreshments – dinner – before bed snacks).

-Basic housekeeping: tidying up of maternal room and baby’s nursery room, basic tidying in the kitchen and living room.





坐月子可以幫助產後身體儘速復原,改善懷孕前的弱勢體質或身體小毛病,坐月子是女性一生中最重要 , 也最能自我掌控的生理轉機 。坐月子也是迎接全新家庭模式的關鍵期,寶寶才剛出生,所有的調養、照護都是關鍵,都可能影響寶寶今後的成長與體質,沒有專業建議,新手爸媽們有時會有些疏忽,而且產婦也很難得到完整的休息,或是立即適應嶄新的家庭模式。有個專業幫手,讓您在當媽媽的起跑點上輕鬆有自信。





Booking Yuesao

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We will check the availability for you with the providers. You can choose which Yuesao you like, if they still have available slots. Suggest to book at least 3 months in advance to get the Yuesao you like!